70 employees

1500 references

1 000 000 Knives produced per annum

3 000 current customers per annum

3 900 000 € turnover in 2002

33% in Export

10 exclusive reps in France

6 international trade fairs in Europe

and North America per annum


Knife Manufacturer, since 1819, in Thiers, France, from Father to Son since 6 generations THERIAS ET L’ECONOME has always had the same strategy : High Quality products with the best service.

Going from the Potato Peeler
L’ECONOME® to the prestigious LAGUIOLE ROSSIGNOL® with Solid Gold bolsters, or the Professional Chef’s Knives SABATIER Mexeur et Cie® and the Kitchen and Pocket Knives PARAPLUIE A L’EPREUVE®, the same concern remains : to create customer loyalty by offering products with a irreproachable cutting power.